The Ruby’s House Project has an 88% success rate reuniting families.

About The Project

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The Vulnerable Youth Project was designated as a Rotary District 9705 Project in 2018 and was launched as part of Rotary’s Centenary in Australia.

Rotary District 9705 has developed this program as part of its commitment to the young people of Australia and District 9705, embracing regional NSW and the ACT, is the first area to explore how this Project can be successfully implemented. It could then eventually extend across Australia.

The Rotary Club of Canberra played a major role, in association with the ACT Youth Coalition, in urging the ACT Government to establish a Ruby’s home in the National Capital. The Vulnerable Youth Project is part of an ACT Whole-of-Government initiative called the Safe and Connected Youth Program.

Rotary Club’s Involvement

Rotary Clubs have no involvement nor responsibility for building or refurbishing a Ruby’s home, nor anything to do with how the service is run. The ACT/NSW Government own the properties and a service provider is selected to provide the staffing and surrounding professional support services. In the ACT this responsibility falls to Conflict Resolution Services (CSR) in association with Marymead.

Rotary, as a supporting partner, will occasionally be approached by the service provider if they are seeking funding to buy furniture or other items to make life more comfortable for those young people staying in the home.

Rotary clubs can contribute any amount of funding they wish to assist in the setting up of a Ruby’s home, and its ongoing support for the youths involved.

Rotary is a perfect supporting partner to advocate for the Ruby’s model to be adopted in towns across NSW.

The Vulnerable Youth Project dovetails perfectly into Rotary’s many other youth programs it supports in Australia and internationally.

  • Rotary Youth Exchange: for 15-17 years
  • National Youth Science Forum: Year 11
  • Rotary Aust/NZ Youth Exchange: 14-16 years
  • Interact: 14-18 years
  • Rotary Adventure in Citizenship (RAIC): Year 11
  • Rotary Youth Driver Awareness: 16-18 years
  • Rotary Science Experience: Year 9 and 10
  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN): 15-17 years

Board Members

The current members of the District 9705 Vulnerable Youth Project Governance Board were appointed by DG Michael Moore and Chair David Marshall in 2020.

Currently the District’s Vulnerable Youth Project Governance Board comprises:

David Marshall AM PP PHF

David Marshall AM PP PHF


Rotary Club of Canberra


  1. Chair: Dr David Marshall AM PP PHF Rotary Club of Canberra
  2. Treasurer and Public Officer: (Vacant TBC)
  3. District Regional Representative: George Weston PDG PP PHF from Leeton
  4. Lawyer Mae Kretschmer, ACT Supreme Court Lawyer
  5. Current President Canberra Rotary Club, Sponsor Club of the Vulnerable Youth Project
  6. President Elect Canberra Rotary Club, Sponsor Club of the Vulnerable Youth Project

Rotation of observers

  1. Past 9705 District Governor
  2. Current 9705 District Governor
  3. DG Elect District 9705

Regional Committee Members’

  1. Chair of the Canberra Governance Committee (Alan Scandrett PP PHF)
  2. Chair of other NSW Governance Committees*

Note: *Chairs of these regional Governance Committees’ join the Board when they decide to proceed with the Project and have formed a local Governance Committee

The District 9705 Vulnerable Youth Project Governance Board’s Role

  • Provide a link to Uniting Communities Adelaide (the founder of the Ruby’s home model) and the Service Providers in each location.
  • Bank any monies received from Clubs and the community into the Ruby’s District Trust fund, and allocated exclusively to the Ruby’s facility in their area.
  • Act as a sounding board and advisor to the Regional Governance Committees, and oversee their establishment and ongoing operation.
  • Assisting with grant applications and soliciting of donors and philanthropist’s contributions when appropriate.
  • Assist with relationships with ACT/NSW Members of Parliament and lobbying whenever required. This also extends to Federal Members of Parliament.
  • To ensure the Projects overarching objectives are met and each Regional Governance Committee works in the best interests of all Rotary Districts

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